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A rich syrup containing premium quality Red Propolis and organic essential oils with proven beneficial effects.

Hydro-glycerinated extract of Red Propolis with its unsurpassed therapeutic properties, in combination with a hydro-glycerinated extract of organic Cynorrhodon (vitamin C) and organic Eucalyptus radiata and organic Mint essential oils to clear your airways, soothe your throat and enable you to ward off colds. This hydro-glycerinated extract of premium quality Red Propolis begins to act as soon as it comes into contact with oral mucosa.
This highly effective remedy is an indispensable ally in helping you brave the cold weather and prepare for spring.


1 to 2 teaspoons 2 to 3 times a day.

Children from 5 to 12 yersa : quarter dose to half dose.

Plastic bottle (200 ml). 1 teaspoonful contains 15 mg of hydro-glycerinated extract of Red Propolis and 20 mg of vitamin C (Cynorrhodon).

Composition : Glycerol, organic honey, hydro-glycerinated extract of Red Propolis, hydro-glycerinated extract of organic Cynorrhodon, organic Eucalyptus essential oil, organic Mint essential oil.

Suitable and/or recommended for use with this product : Red Propolis throat pastilles, Red Propolis capsules, Lysovir, Lyso-spray, etc.


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