Brown Propolis 60 capsules



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100% pure Propolis is an outstanding product and always very effective. It is precisely its high efficiency, which is leading to its overuse. Indeed, “propolis capsules” are easily found in stores today that sometimes contain merely 10% propolis mixed up in amalgams of “cheap” excipients such as rice flour, corn starch or cassava, talc, clay, etc. Their presence, which is not always indicated in the composition, is simply to create volume, weight and higher profits. It can also be found diluted in alcohol under the name “propolis extract”, the solvent being called an “extract” – and this seems to pass off as being legal? Anything goes when it comes to selling a very expensive dose suitable for a canary.

Based on work by German, Scandinavian and Eastern European scientists, Phyt-Inov offers a high dosage of 100% pure propolis in capsules containing 450 mg, without impurities, wax, excipients or alcohol.


2 to 4 capsules per day as a maintenance treatment, and up to 2 capsules every 3 hours for serious cases.

Box of 60 capsules containing 450 mg of 100% pure propolis, purified without wax, alcohol-free and no excipients.