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Fortunately, Mother Nature offers us excellent alternatives in the shape of plant-based treatments. It must be pointed out that they are not all useful. However, by combining a number of these natural remedies, which have already proved successful in trials, we now have an effective therapy.

The first natural product is artemisinin, a sesquiterpene lactone isolated from the Chinese plant artemisia annua, a well-known ant-malarial drug.

A large-scale study into Artemisia annua (sweet wormwood) by Doctors Narenda Singh and Henry Lai of the University of Washington showed that the artemisinin contained in the plant could destroy almost 30% of lung cancer cells in a very short time. And, when combined with iron, it could kill up to 98% of cancer cells!

Dittander is a prolific plant which belongs to the crucifer family. It is widely used to treat a range of conditions. It contains antioxidants (phenol, flavonoids, and quercetin), myricetin and lepidine.

From about a dozen or so essential oils which are of interest in the treatment of cancer, we have selected three, each of which offers a unique property where the different aspects of cancer are concerned.

Ginger essential oil ;
Lemon myrtle essential oil ;
Nigella essential oil.

Use & composition :

2 capsules twice a day for several months.

Not recommended for pregnant women and children.

To potentiate the anti-tumour effect of these different molecules, we recommend that the following 3 anti-tumour treatments be taken along with Asiarum:
- Asiatonic: 2 capsules 3 times a day;
- Red Propolis: 4 capsules twice a day (helps to prevent mesastasis);
- Bropaïne: 2 capsules twice a day.

Box of herbal capsules (100 x 420 mg).

Composition: dry extract of artemisinin; dry extract of lepidium; ferrous gluconate; ginger, nigella and lemon myrtle essential oils.

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