Acerola Vit.C 400 gr

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Details :

Acerola fruit (Barbados cherries) are bursting with vitamin C.
The sorbitol bio-fermentation process enhances its assimilation and its antioxidant action.
Not only can't our bodies synthesise vitamin C, but our daily needs are consequential, especially in the presence of disease and immune system deficiencies.
This 50% dosage of vitamin C is beneficial for:
- Those under stress, smokers, athletes, functional asthenia and chronic fatigue.
- It is recommended to enhance vitality and natural defences. It is considered almost essential in strengthening anti-tumour treatments.
- It is vital to rebuilding collagen (scarring, fragile blood vessels, as well as bone, joint, and dental disorders).

Use & composition :

2 small doses (2 grams) per day or more if necessary. Some people consume up to 20 g/day (increase gradually).

Acerola, L-ascorbic acid obtained by bio-fermentation of sorbitol.

box of 400 grams dosed at 50%, or 200 grams of vitamin C.
Guaranteed without colouring, sugar, or preservatives.

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